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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It's 2017 and here we are - here you are! It's been 607 days since I married my Mr Dansie, 14.5 months since we birthed our baby boy (yes! "we"), and 4 years since I have updated my darn it website!

Said I do!

Baby Boy

Since I've undergone all this personal change in love and growth (and my business has always been such a personal part of my life) I figured "Bridget Penno Photography" deserved some change too! Thus prompting me to address my website, my online content and how my initial visual impression can better represent me. The stars aligned and my sister Emma put me in touch with one inspiring artist and creative business coach - Holly Holster (

After a deep and lengthy phone conversation with Holly, she was able to take my words from me and translate them into a new and improved "Bridget Penno Photography" logo. I call it logo 2.0!

Holly has used her artistic and creative talent to develop on my original logo. She's moved it into something that is more representative of me and where my photography is at.

I believe as a photographer it is my job to make things "beautiful", but to me beauty isn't in the perfect, it's in the imperfect and the true emotions we all have. Your wedding day IS perfect if it is windy or if your dress is too long. Your children are magical wonders even if they spit up five times and or misbehave for your portrait session. “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” - Marilyn Monroe.

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